CONTACT us for more information. You can buy these trucks from dealers and collectors and 4-wheel aficionados all over the US and directly from Europe. There are lots of web sites (do a search!) and a few listservs for support,  information and friendship.  One thing is for sure.... these incredible trucks will beat just about any other all terrain vehicle on the planet. A used Mog or Pinz is an incredible value. Join the growing number of guys and gals who have fallen in love with these great vehicles.

Pinzgauer 710M. There are several models of Pinzgauers from the canvas topped 710M, to the 6 wheeled 712M to models with hardtops, ambulance models, fire trucks, field repair vehicles.... you name it and if the military uses it, somebody can probably tell you about it.

Left: Pinzgauer 710M with Canvas top. Center: Pinz 710M with canvas off. Right: Pinzgauer 710K 

Above left: Pinzgauer 712M - right: Pinzgauer 712AMB.

The Unimog is built by Mercedes. Mercedes quality at Chevy truck prices (used Chevy trucks!).  There are more varieties of these than Pinzgauers and the cost is less. If you can't get there in a Unimog you need a vehicle with tracks... or a helicopter.

Above: Mog 404 Stake Bed. Radio Truck Mog (command Van) with trailer and Radio Truck Mog.

The Haflinger. These little guys are rare. They were designed to handle snow in Swiss mountain towns with narrow streets. People who know them say they can go anywhere and are a ton of fun to drive.

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